Business English course

Our Business English course will help you to develop your general English skills with the addition of specific terminology used in business environments.

English for social reasons

Do you want to learn English for social reasons, work reasons or to further your studies?

Whatever your reason – come on in, we are here to help you!

Academic English courses

YES Academic English courses prepare students for their higher education by providing relevant English to support their English skills.

IELTS Preparation course

Yorkshire English School is proud to have a thorough IELTS Preparation course. We recommend a minimum course duration of 4 weeks, although a shorter length can be arranged.

Summer School programme

Yeschool Summer School programme: June 2018 – August 2018
You can join the programme on any Monday and choose the length of your individual programme – the minimum length is just 2 weeks! Contact us for more information;

Summer School experience

The Summer School experience at Yorkshire English school is designed to provide you with a complete package so you can relax, make new friends and improve your English whilst in the UK.

Our city visits

Our city visits include a tour of the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud’s and many more! We also have visits to Manchester, the Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool, the medieval city of York, Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford.

Summer School Programme

Our Summer School Programme is not only learning English in the classroom but includes visiting our beautiful and magnificent Yorkshire county. We have included activities of cultural interest like theatre trips, theme parks visits, water sports, leisure centres, boat trips, restaurants, coffee shops and shopping in and around Yorkshire.


Learning & Enjoyment

Your learning, your enjoyment and your relaxation are all taken care of at Yeschool, Yorkshire English School.