To study here is a pleasure


Student at Yes English School for 6 weeks. For this time my English has got much better. I can understand English much better and even speak. The atmosphere is friendly, all smiling (I mean everyone) and affable. To study here is a pleasure, small groups of people in the classroom- work with everyone, individually. I liked being with you, thank you.

Kristina Popova

I go home with lots of beautiful memories


Hello it’s me Subeyte, to finish my training in English. I would like to say a big thank you. First to my friend Fakhera and her family to have be at home and also to my teachers, Izabella, Peter, Tim and Victoria and Adam.
This learning has been beneficial to me and I go home with lots of beautiful memories.

Ella, France


“Incredible experience. It definitely improved my speaking and understanding skills. At the beginning I had difficulty to talk even if I knew the grammar, but now I can express myself. In the UK’s cold weather, the YES staff were such a warm family, willing to help you whenever you need.”

Bengü, Turkey

“I need to thank them for giving me unforgettable summer memories. It was more than I expected, I didn’t have time to get bored, there was always stuff to do. I even forgot to talk to my friends in my own country!

The staff created an environment for me to practice a lot, with their activities, etc. Now I feel free to talk in English. When you meet people from different cultures you have a lot to talk about.”

Wafa, Saudi Arabia

“A friend of mine suggested here and I’m so glad I listened to him. People were helpful to me and hearing the British accent all the time makes you want to speak like them!

From the beginning to the end the staff was with me, I really enjoyed when we cooked and ate my country’s traditional meal together! I think the best thing was debating, I don’t feel shy to speak in English anymore. I even found myself on the street talking with stranger British people about the weather!”