Our Team

Fakhera Rehman


The person that keeps everything running smoothly. Fakhera has a background in education, cohesion and faith based work, and has been recognized as a community leader promoting friendship and cheeriness across communities and neighborhoods. If you’re ever in any doubt or bewilderment, she’s the person to go to, and will make sure you have a great, enjoyable time at YES!

Tim Catterall

English Academic Manager

As well as being our Academic Manager, Tim also enjoys teaching on a regular basis. Tim is currently a speaking, listening, GESE and ISE examiner for Trinity College London, and facilitates the full range of CEFR levels in different European and Non-European countries. In his free time, he’s a musician and song-writer, producing his own recordings! He also enjoys reading, writing, film-making, walking and travelling.

Yousuf Zubair

Digital Media Coordinator

Very rarely without a set of headphones on his head and a QWERTY keyboard on his fingertips – Yousuf is certainly the go-to person for technology and media at YES. For any queries about our website or social media pages, feel free to get in touch with Yousuf